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2015 Pageant

Our 2015 pageant took place August 6-8 2015 at the Clarion Hotel & Aqua Park Lagoon in West Springfield, Massachusetts located just 20 minutes north of Hartford/Bradley International Airport (BDL) or about 1:45 minutes from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS).

Clarion Hotel & Aqua Lagoon Waterpark
1080 Riverdale Street
West Springfield, MA 01089-4607
(413) 781-8750



Thursday, August 6, 2015

Checking in at registration, getting their 2015 Contestant Swag Bags and official Petite America & Petite World tee-shirts.

After introductions by each Queen, Kimberly introduces our staff - Michele and Wendy along with Princess Delilah - and speaks about their responsibilities as a Queen and leader. She also shares about our official platforms of the pageant, Veterans and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Our Director, Kimberly and the beautiful Petite America and Petite World Queens receiving the official welcome proclamation from the West Springfield Mayor, the Honorable Edward Sullivan.

Queens and Princesses Pajama Party and Rehearsal!

Selfie Queen!

Time for the gift exchange!

A special gift from our Director to a special lady - Lady Petite World that is! A fellow cancer survivor Carol Tuohy.

Friday, August 7, 2015
The next morning we are up early to head to the Dr. Suess National Memorial Sculpture Garden in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Our next stop is the Lyman & Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History.

Back at our host hotel and ready for a great splash park photo shoot!

Dinner was at UNO's Chicago Grill in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was a great night of food, fun, and dancing!

Saturday, August 8, 2015
It is now competition day and time to start the personal interviews with our judges!

Our beautiful ladies in interview!


Opening number - "ALL THE RIGHT PIECES"

Time for the onstage competition to begin with on-stage interview!

Our ladies are ready to strut their stuff in fashion wear!

And now for the final phase of competition, evening wear!

Evening gown with our amazing Veteran escort, Marty Tuohy - our "Mr. Petite America & Mr. Petite World"!

The pageant competition is over so it is now time for our optional talent competition.

Special guest performance by Paige Lavallee, Teen Petite America 2012 and now a preliminary winner in the Miss Rhode Island America system.

Guest performance by last year's Talent Winner, Carol Tuohy and her husband "Mr. Petite World" Marty Tuohy.

Finale time and evening gown revue!

Welcoming back some of our former Queens!

Christina Caporuscio,
Teen Petite America 2010 / Teen Petite World 2011

Chelsea Zayas,
Miss Petite America 2010 / Teen Petite World 2011

Yvette Ludwig,
Ms. Woman Petite America 2010 / Ms. Woman Petite World 2011

Carrie Sunde,
Teen Petite America 2011 / Teen Petite World 2012

Charlie Alejandro,
Mrs. Woman Petite America 2011 / Mrs. Woman Petite World 2012

Paige Lavallee,
Teen Petite America 2012

Final walks!

Christine Martin
Miss Petite America 2014

Diane Jensen
Ms. Petite America 2014

Ashley Firth
Mrs. Petite America 2014

Lynn Priest
Lady Petite America 2014

Estalia Feliz Terrero
Teen Petite World 2014

Amy Soto
Miss Petite World 2014

Carol Tuohy
Lady Petite World 2014

Ready for the announcement of special awards.

And the winner of the Petite Pageant Volunteer of the Year Award is...The Bahamas Petite World Pageant Committee! Accepting on their behalf are the Bahamas Petite World Queens.

And the winner of the Petite America Image Award is...Mrs. Petite America 2014, Ashley Firth!

And the winner of the Petite World Image Award is...Mrs. Petite World 2014, Beatriz Gill! (The pageant accepted on her behalf as she could not be there.)

And the winner of the Petite Pageant Director's Award is...Lady Petite America 2013 & Lady Petite World 2014, Carol Tuohy!

And the winner of the Congeniality award is...Ms. Petite America 2014, Diane Jensen!

And the winner of the Face of Petite America award is...Mrs. Massachusetts, Jennifer Salvitelli!

And the winner of the Face of Petite World award is...Miss Canada, Jennifer Perrin!

And the winner of the Overall Photogenic award is...Miss New England, Stefanie Downs!

And the winner of the Overall Broadway DIVA Fashion Award Winner is...Mrs. Petite America 2014, Ashley Firth! This special award was given to the contestant with the highest overall score in the Fashion Wear competition!

And the winner of the Overall Evening Gown award is...Miss New Jersey, Kristen Kowalski!

And the winner of the Overall Interview Award is...come on back Miss New Jersey, Kristen Kowalski!

And the winner of the Overall Optional Talent Winner is...Teen Canada Petite World, Christina Izzo!

Teen Petite America 2015, Emily Forbidussi

Miss Petite America 2015, Kristen Kowalski
Overall Evening Gown Winner
Overall Interview Winner

Ms. Petite America 2015, Mandysue Peixoto

Mrs. Petite America 2015, Ilisa Stillman

Lady Petite America 2015, Meg Nicholas

Teen Petite World 2015, Christina Izzo
Optional Talent Winner

Miss Petite World 2015, Christine Martin

Ms. Petite World 2015, Diane Jensen
Miss Congeniality Winner

Mrs. Petite World 2015, Ashley Firth
Overall Broadway DIVA Fashion Wear Winner

Lady Petite World 2015, Lynn Priest

Broadway Diva Fashion Award Winner, Ashley Firth. This special award was given to the contestant with the highest overall score in the Fashion Wear competition!

With their custom engraved crystal trophies.

Exclusive custom embroidered Queen's gift bags from Triple Crown Productions/Petite America Pageant/Petite World Pageant.

With their custom embroidered Queen's plush wraps.

Some of the goodies in their bags!

Also included in the Queen's prize bags from the following:
An AMAZING gift courtesy of Broadway Nails/KISS USA!

Jim Karas Personal Training
2669 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614
Exclusive Queen's copy of the best selling Petite America Diet Book by Jim Karas.

Dazzle Boutique
130 Scott Road
Waterbury, CT 06705
Exclusive Queen's gift of $100.00 towards the purchase of any in store gown or dress (excluding consignment items) from pageant sponsor, Dazzle Boutique and owner Laurye Natale.

LA GIRL Makeup
Exclusive Queen's gift of LA GIRL cosmetics courtesy of LA GIRL.

Our Director and former Queens congratulate the new Queens!

Our Queens and Judges.

Our Talent Judges.

Our Director, Kimberly and the crew, Michele, Charlie and Delilah.


Red Carpet Time!






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